Same-day Tiredness Blood Tests from just £135

Doctaly provides an end-to-end service, covering the whole process and offering you complete peace of mind - all you have to do is go to your appointment and wait for your results. The following steps are included in the price:

  • Initial consultation with a doctor
  • Referral for your test
  • Your requested test carried out
  • Review of results by the doctor
  • Communication of results
  • Follow-on advice from the doctor (if required)

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Is tiredness becoming a normal and frustrating part of your everyday life? Doctaly can arrange a comprehensive check of the main causes of fatigue so that you can seek treatment, and get your energy levels back.

If you think there may be an underlying medical reason behind your tiredness, our Complete Tiredness and Fatigue test will help you, covering many of the main causes of fatigue including diabetes, anaemia, an underactive thyroid and vitamin deficiencies.

We also offer a wide variety of other tiredness related tests - please enquire for further details.

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