Same Day Prescriptions with Doctaly

Doctaly can provide you with a new or repeat prescription quickly and easily, without the hassle of leaving your home. We are the first provider to offer an online prescription request service, overseen by NHS accredited GPs throughout the process.

Our doctor will first assess your request and where clinically appropriate will approve it and email the prescription to you directly within an hour. It is important therefore that you provide as much information and evidence as possible when completing our Query Form. In some instances we may call or email you with further questions or perhaps request that you book a virtual or face-to-face consultation to discuss your medical needs to ensure that the prescription being provided is clinically appropriate and safe to be prescribed.

Please note that we are unable to prescribe any controlled medication, including strong opiate painkillers and sleeping tablets. For safety reasons certain medications such as anti-depressants cannot be prescribed without a consultation with our doctors

1) Fill out our simple form with your information, and prescription request – it will only take a couple of minutes and we constantly monitor all requests during business hours.

2) You’ll receive an email shortly afterwards confirming whether we can help with your prescription request.

3) If we are able to help, and providing you are not requesting controlled medication (see more info below), we will get back to you within two working hours, via email or phone, either to issue your prescription or to request further information about any current medication you’re taking or your medical history (as some medications are unsafe depending on your individual circumstances). Our response time may take longer on weekends and public holidays.

In some cases it may also be unsafe to issue a prescription without a virtual consultation or in some instances a physical examination, in which case our customer service team will contact you to help find the closest doctor in our UK wide network

Our service gives you access to prescription-only medicine without the need to visit your GP. This service only issues private prescriptions, which means that NHS exemptions and NHS prescription charges don’t apply.

In our experience we can help with the most medication requests including but not limited to:

  • Men’s health including Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation
  • Hair Loss Therapies
  • Acne Management
  • Stop Smoking Treatments
  • Period Delay Tablets
  • Emergency Contraception / Morning After Pill
  • Malaria Prevention Medication
  • Cystitis / UTI Treatment
  • Sexual Health Treatments
  • Hay Fever Treatment
  • Repeat prescriptions for most common conditions

For your safety we are unable to prescribe several types of medications because our doctors do not have access to your full medical history. It is our policy that the following medications can not be prescribed as they carry a higher risk when prescribing, for both you and the doctor:

  • Controlled medications and strong painkillers including anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics
  • Unlicensed medications i.e. medications without UK Marketing Authorisation
  • Medications that require specialist prescribing and monitoring
  • Medications that need to be administered by injection, with the exception of life-saving or life-preserving purposes, like an EpiPen

Common medications we get asked to prescribe, but don’t include in our service:

  • Diazapam
  • Tramadol
  • Gabapentin
  • Pregabalin
  • Zopiclone
  • Codeine
  • Sleeping tablets
  • Natural thyroid extracts
  • PrEP and PEP (pre and post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV)

Please note that all of our prescriptions are issued at the reviewing doctor’s discretion.

Your initial screening from our doctor will cost you nothing. If you wish to proceed, there will be a charge of £30 for the same day prescription to be issued. If a video or telephone consultation is required with the doctor, there will be an additional cost of £10.

Please note that our systems are fully secure and compliant with all GDPR regulations. Your personal data will never be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent.

Please note that all prescriptions issued by a private doctor are private prescriptions, requiring payment for the medication at a pharmacy of your choice (although this is often less than the NHS Prescription charge).