Same-day specialist Referral Letter for just £40

If you need to see a private medical specialist, you’ll need a referral letter from a GP, even if you are not insured and a self-paying patient.

Doctaly can provide you with a specialist referral letter quickly and easily, without the hassle of leaving your home. We are the first provider to offer an online specialist referral letter service, overseen by UK accredited GPs throughout the process.

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First, our doctor will assess your request and where clinically appropriate, they will approve it and email the referral letter to you directly. It’s important that you provide as much information and evidence as possible when completing our online form. In some instances, we may call or email you with further questions or request a video consultation to discuss your medical needs to ensure that the Referral Letter being provided is clinically appropriate and reflective of your need from the specialist. This is for your benefit, to ensure you get seen by the right specialist for your needs.

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