Same-day Scans or X-rays from just £150


  • Initial consultation with a doctor
  • Referral for your scan or X-ray
  • Scan or X-ray carried out
  • Review of results by the doctor
  • Communication of results
  • Follow-on advice from the doctor (if required)

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If you require any type of scan or X-ray in the UK, you will require a doctor to assess your needs and provide you with a referral letter, which Doctaly can help you with.

You can request from our wide range of scan and X-ray options and one of our doctors will review to ensure that is it is clinically appropriate before approving. You can then choose from one of our many partner clinics in the UK to have your test carried out.

The report will be sent back to our doctors for review and you will be offered a follow-up consultation to discuss the results and next steps. If you need an onward referral or prescription, this is included for no additional charge.

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