Same day Sick Note with Doctaly

If you have a minor illness and you’re unable to attend work or university, you may need a Sick Note as proof of your condition. We know it can be hard to get a same day appointment with a local doctor, so Doctaly can provide you with a Sick Note quickly and easily, without the hassle of leaving your home.

We are the first provider to offer an online medical certificate service, overseen by NHS accredited GPs throughout the process.

Our doctor will first assess your request, and where clinically appropriate they will approve it and email the Doctor’s Note to you directly within three working hours. It’s important that you provide as much information and evidence as possible when completing our online form. In some instances, we may call or email you with further questions or perhaps request a video consultation to discuss your medical needs to ensure that the medical certificate being provided is clinically appropriate.

1) Complete our simple form with your information – it will only take a couple of minutes. We constantly monitor all requests during business hours.

2) You’ll receive an email shortly afterwards confirming whether we can help with your sick note request.

3) One of our doctors will then get back to you within three working hours, via email or phone, either to issue your certificate or to request further information about your medical history. Our response time may take longer at weekends and on public holidays.

Occasionally, it may be difficult to issue a Sick Note without further assessment, therefore the doctor may recommend a video consultation or physical examination in order to assist with your request. In this case, our customer service team will contact you to help find the closest doctor in our UK wide network.

Within this service our doctors can also help you with a wide variety of medical certificate/report requests, however some are more complex and may require either a video, or face to face consultation. Examples of such requests include but are not limited to:

  • Fitness to Perform
  • Fitness to fly
  • Immigration & Visa Medicals
  • Sporting Medical Certificates

Please note more complex medical reports and certificates will require an examination and access to your NHS medical records which our Customer Service Team will be able to advise you on.

Please note that more complex medical reports and certificates will require a medical examination and therefore if you are unable to attend an appointment, we will be unable to help.

Some statutory reports require access to your NHS medical records in order to complete, which you can obtain from your NHS surgery. If you are unable to provide your medical records, then we will be unable to help you with these requests.

Your initial request will be screened by one of our doctors at no cost. If you wish to proceed, there will be a charge of £30 for a sick note to be issued. If a video or telephone consultation is required with the doctor, there will be an additional cost of £10.

Certain other medical reports and more comprehensive certificates will require more time and some may require a physical examination.

Please note that our systems are fully secure and compliant with all GDPR regulations. Your personal data will never be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent.